OILON Oil, gas & Dual Fuel Burners

For over 40 years, there’s one burner brand that has of-list its name in the burner industry to meet the needs of its international customers & environmental cleanliness. The constant development to improve, customize to unique conditions, expertise installation and wide product range for specific purposes now as sole agent, we present OILON Oil, Gas & Dual Fuel Burners.

Sole distributor for SouthEast Asia. We specialise in Gas Conversion upgrading of Boiler/ Burner  Control System.

  • SUNTEC – Oil pumps
  • KLINGER – Level Guages / Valves
  • ALLWELER – Pumps
  • RMG – Gas regulator / Gas meter
  • DUNGS – Gas components
  • Elektra Bels – Water level control
  • krom schroder – Gas components
  • VYC – Boiler Mounting

Contact: Pacific Central Teknik Pte Ltd

Address: 60 Kaki Bukit Industrial Terrace Singapore 416149. Phone: (65) 65462822, Fax: (65)65462811. Email: sales[at]pacentek[dot]com[dot]sg . Website: www.pacific-central.com

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