MIURA Steam Boilers, Water Tube Once-Through Boiler

STEAM BOILERS: SU Series, EH Series, EX-Series.

-Steam boiler, cap 40 – 4.000 kg/h:

  • Steam generation in 3-5 minutes
  • Fuel: oil or gas
  • Multiple Installation System
  • Working press – up to 20 kg/cm2
  • (Omega) Flow Construction

-Hot water Boiler Cap 50.000 – 800.000 Kcal/h
-Water Softener – Cation Resin – Chemical – Free water analysis and recommendation
-Installation -repair – rental
-Spare part – Service – descaling

Multiple Installation System

The MIURA Multiple Installation (MI) System provides a flexible, expandable system that multiplies the in-service efficiencies with a variety of available combustion patterns, simplified module replacement.

  • The MI System achieves much  higher in-service efficiencies than a single or multiple large-sized boiler.
  • A variety of combustion patterns are available to maintain the highest possible system efficiency.
  • The number of installed units can be freely changed, allowing greater flexibility as an expandable system.
  • Computerized system control drastically cuts operation and manpower cost.
  • Boiers which are taken off line are not allowed to cycle.

Central control of boiler operation in accordance with requested steam consumption.
Example: 4 x 3,000 kg/hr, Boilers, total capacity of 12,000 kg/hr.

Consider an installation with 4 x 3,000 kg boliers. When the steam demand is approximately  4,500 kg/hr, the #1 boiler is on high fire, the #2 boiler is on low fire, all other boilers are off. When the steam demand is approximately 7,500 kg/hr, #1 and #2 boilers are on highfire, #3 is on low fire and #4 boliers is off. Thus, the best feature of the MI-SYSTEM is that only necessary boiers are brought on line as needed and the system operates each boliler in the most efficient method  possible.

Products: Watersoftener, Chemical Feed Pump, Colormetry Hardness Detector, KX Series

Thermal Oil Heater:

  • Capacity 80.000 – 1.250.000 Kcal/h
  • Low operating cost
  • Reduced Corrosion & scale
  • Safe Operation
  • High temp 300 celcius

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