GOKOKO provides a complete design, fabrication, installation and maintenance service for all types of quality Boilers

GOKOKO – Energy Resource Management. ASME Cetificates of Authorisation ‘U’ & ‘S’.

Gikoko provides a complete design, Fabrication, Installation and maintenance service for all types of quality Boilers including Boimass, Woodwaste and Multi-Fuel burner systems. Gikoko can also provide Multi-Fuel Systems such as LPG / Wood, Oil / Gas.

Gikoko provide a range of Biomass Gasification plant systems for use in power generation including Gas scrubbers and gas-engine technologies. Gikoko also costum design entire boiler systems using Biomass, coal and waste wood burners.


Address: Pulo Gadung Industrial Estate. Jl Pulo Kambing Kav II 1/9, Jakarta, Indonesia 13930. Phone: (62-21) 4601970, Fax: (62-21) 4609380, 46823033. Email: gikoko[at]aol[dot]com .


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