BIOMETRICS – The Future In The Palm of Your Hand! is the leading Biometrics Industry Resource providing free information on all biometric identification and identity management systems and solutions.

Biometrics is the study of unchanging measurable biological characteristics that are unique to each individual – such as fingerprints or irises. Biometrics can be implemented by: companies, governments, military, border control, hospitals, banks, etc. to either verify  a person’s identity for something like limiting or allowing access to a certain building area, computer files, border crossings, or to identify individuals to record information about them such as with criminals, for example.

Biometrics Solution Showcases profile leading Industry products by type:

  • Undefined Fingerprint Readers
  • Iris Scanners & Recognition
  • Hand Readers & Finger Scanners
  • Facial Recognition
  • Voice / Speech Recognition
  • Biometrics Consultants
  • Biometrics Smart Cards
  • Signature / Keystroke Biometrics
  • Vein Recognition
  • Biometrics Sensors and Detectors
  • Middleware / Software
  • 2D Bar Code Scanners

Biometrics Application Showcases profile leading Industry products by use:

  • Physical Access Control
  • Logical Access Control
  • Justice / Law Enforcement
  • Undefined Time and Attendance
  • HealthCare Biometrics
  • Border Control / Airports
  • Financial and Transactional
  • Biometrics Integrators and Resellers
  • Mobile Biometrics
  • Fingerprint and Biometrics Locks
  • Consumer / Residential Biometrics
  • Other Uses of Biometrics

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