PT Starmas Inti Aluminium Industry, Total solution for all aluminium need

Total solution for all aluminium need: Aluminium flat sheet, aluminium coil, aluminium bordes, aluminium roofing, aluminium foil, aluminium ladder, aluminium honeycomb / composite panel, aluminium truss, aluminium insulation foil for thermal barrier, aluminium heatsink.

Aluminium Rolling Mill

  • Aluminium Coil/ Flat sheet, application for: Indonesia legal coin, election box, Housing lamp, Kitchen ware, Aluminium heat sink (IC cooler), Air ventilation, Aluminium Beverage Can, cosmetic tray, Kerosin stove, flow meter rotor gear, Aluminium wire mesh, official vehicle license, speaker cover, Bottle lid.
  • Aluminium Embossed Coil / Embossed Sheet, appication for: Aluminium Roofing , Bathroom Door .
  • Aluminium Foil, application for: Aluminium Food Container, Aluminium Tape, Rice Warmer Component, Aluminium Foil for Cigarrete, Aluminium Foil for Flexible Food Packaging, Aluminium Foil for Pharmacy, Aluminium Foil for Insulation, Aluminium Ducting, Air Conditioner Component, Radiator Component.

Contact: PT Starmas Inti Aluminium Industry.


Kawasan Industry and Pergudangan Cikupa
Jl. Cikupa Mas Raya No. 16 Talaga, Cikupa
Tangerang, Indonesia

Telephone : (62-21) 59402222 (Hunting 10 Lines)
Facsimile : (62-21) 59404777, 59404666
Email  : starmas[at]


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  1. cony says:


    i am looking for an alumunium insulated heat.. I am not quite sure what it is called.. but defenitely i need for my products, material looks lke alumunium then can keep the heat..

    pls let me know..


  2. panelbusiness says:


    We just promote the info. Most of the company list here are in Indonesia. Maybe you could see here:

    you might contact them


  3. Rick says:

    Dear starmas,
    I would like quote for 10(units) solid door using ‘wood grain’ plate aluminium, finished in Ebony with the following dimensions
    H : 250cm x W :75cm x D : 4cm
    And please send to me the contact number for ordering.
    kind regards,

  4. Rick says:


    Ya, i am in indonesia now and living in Bali, so please could you give me the contact number as well so i can give you a call to order.

    Many thanks,

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