PT Indo Ducting Primatama, Air duck Manufacture & Installation

We are Indonesia and Taiwan Joint Venture Company can supply you with first Class Ductings:

  • TDC-Ducting Piece (L-Type)
  • Round Ducting
  • VD, SPD, FD, SAG, EAG, etc
  • Ducting handwere (imported from Taiwan)

For usage area:

1. Ducting for commercial building: Department store, Supermarket and Hypermarket, Furniture  Warehouse, High-rise building.
2. Ducting for industry  & Factory: Textile industries, electronics and computers, clean -room (medicine, hospital, etc)

Contact: PT Indo Ducting Primatama, Air duck Manufacture & Installation.

Office: Roxy Mas Block C4-22. Jl KH. Hasyim Ashari Jakarta 10150. Phone: (021) 6324112, Fax: (021) 6326607.

Factory: Kawasan Industri Dwipapuri Abadi Kav.N3. Jl Rancaekek KM 24.5 Bandung 45364. Phone: (022) 7780014 , (022) 7791035.

email: info_idp[at]cbn[dot]net[dot]id .

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