ANEST IWATA, Strong and Great Air Compressor

AIR COMPRESSOR, Piston – Screw – scroll
BOOSTER Compressors
NITROGEN Generator

OIL FREE AIR COMPRESSOR, Applications: Chemical processing, medical, dental, food processing, instrumentation,laboratoris, printing, automotive, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, aerospace, SPA.

Air Cooled Oil Free Scroll Compressors:
-Silent Operation (Low noise 45 – 60 dB)
-Clean Air 9100% Oil Free)
-Easy Control by high quality microcomputer
-Compact and Smart Design
-Saving Energy-pressure switch control

Contact: PT INA Nusantara Abadi

Address: Jl Mangga Dua Raya, Komp. RBB Blok F7 No 1-2 Jakrta, 10730 Indonesia. Phone: (62) (021) 6011714 ; 6017581 Fax: (021) 6011717. Email: iwata531[at]cbn[dot]net[dot]id. Homepage:

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