PT New Red & White Manufactory, producer of: Aluminium Monobloc Aerosol Cans *Rigid Cans* Screw Bottles

PT New Red & White Manufactory, with product aplication:

  • HAIR CARE SUCH AS: hair spray, hair styling mousse, hair tonic, hair glitter spray, hair styling gel, hair perming cream.
  • COSMETIC SUCH AS: Suntan Lotion, Beauty Cleansing Cream, Foundation Cream.
  • TOILETRIES SUCH AS: deodorant, colognes, anti perspirant, perfume, shaving foam, room fresner
  • FOOD PRODUCT AS: chocolate cream, cheese spread, white cream.

For detail call: (62) (021) 6318939 ; 6390771 ; 6255161. Fax: (021) 6255205. Email: marketing[at]newred[dot]com. Website:

Address: Jl Krendang no. 11 A, Jakarta 11270, Indonesia.

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