National Starch & Chemical, A member of the ICI group

A Total Solution To Your Adhesives Requirement

Case and Cartoon Sealing / Glue Lap :
INSTANT LOK Hotmelts. PRODUCER Resins and Dextrines
COOL LOK Hotmelt for low operating temperature

Bottle/ Can / Jar Labelling : COLTITE and ETISTAR for bottle labelling, KANTAK and KANLAP for can pick up and lapping.
INSTANT LOK for PET labelling and base cup  attachment.

Bookbinding :INSTAN LOK, INSTANT FLEX, COOL BIND highperformance adhesives for books, magazines

Woodworking : Wide range of WOODLOK, DUROLOK, SUPERLOK, KORLOK for water and non water resistance usage

Disposable / Non Wovens : High performance DISPOMELT, EASYMELT for diapers, feminine cares and hospital disposables

Flexible Laminating : DUROFLEX, DUROGLOSS high perfomance adhesives for lamintating.

Cigarettes : CIELOK and CIEPAK for seaming, tipping, packaging and plug making.

Composite Cans, Tubewinding : Resin, dextrine for tubewinding

Paper Cup and Plates: Resin adhesive for all type of paper cups and plates

Laminating for Paper and PVC: BONDMASTER VYLOK for board mounting, litho and lay lamination.

Plywood: INSTANT LOK Hotmelt  for veneer splicing, WOODLOK for blockboard

Envelopes: Innovative Envagum for envelopes

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* Factory & Office: Jl. Rembang Industri Raya No 26, PIER Pasuruan 67152, East Java, Indonesia. Phone: (62) (0343) 740251 (hunting). Fax: (62) (0343) 740250.

* Jakarta, Phone: (62) (021) 6511306 , Fax: (62) (021) 6511395

* Semarang, Phone: (62) (024) 7618485, Fax: (62) (024) 7605613

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