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Nippon Resibon-Made in Japan, ISO 9001

Our Company have product for industry automotive, ship, container, stainless steel, marmer, fibre glas etc. Our product are Grinding wheel A24S, Flexible wheel SC-60, Flexible BEST TOUCH, Cutting wheel A46S, Abrasives wheel ART DISC, Super RESI TECHMA, Super VIO “IRON FREE”, Grinding wheel PRO CUT, Sponge PVA wheel, Diamond wheel, Super Cut “IRON FREE”, Mounted Stone, Skill Net wheel.
Savety and Good Quality!

Contact: UD. USAHA JAYA 

Adress Jakarta :
Jl P. Jayakarta 141 Blok 3 F No. 18
Telp: (62) (021) 6260418 (hunting)
Fax: (62) (021) 6396238
Email: usahajaya[at]centrin[dot]net[dot]id

Adress Surabaya:
Jl Bunguran No 81
Telp: (62) (031) 3526212 , 3526902, 3552625
Fax: (62) (031) 3533615